Prohibited Articles

A person suffering from Gulma, should refrain from taking Vallura (dried meat), Mulaka (radish), fish, dried pot-herbs, any preparation of pease, Aluka, (potato of any kind) and any kind of sweet fruit. 43.

Causes And Symptoms Of Sula

Now I shall deal with the causes, the characteristic symptoms and the treatment of Sula occurring in any specific locality of a Gulma even without its actual presence or formation therein. A voluntary retention of flatus (Vata), stool or urine, over-eating, indigestion, eating before the digestion of previous food, over-exertion, use of articles of food which are incompatible in their combination, drinking water when hungry, use of germinated grains, dry food or cakes of dry meat, as well as the use of other such-like articles of fare, derange and aggravate the bodily Yayu, which produces a violent cutting and spasmodic pain (Sula) in the main cavity of the trunk (Koshtha). The patient complains of as if being pierced with a Samku (spear) in the inside and of a feeling of suffocation under the influence of that excruciating.pain, which fact has determined the nomenclature of Sula (lit. - a spear). 44 - 45.

Vataja Sula

The patient experiences a violent colic whenever in an empty stomach and he feels a difficulty of respiration. The limbs seem to be numbed or stuffed and the flatus, stool and urine are evacuated with the greatest difficulty - these arc the symptoms which mark the Vataja type of the disease. 46.

Pittaja Sula

Thirst and a burning- sensation in the body attended with an excruciating pain, giddiness, loss of consciousness, desire for cold things and amelioration on application of cooling measures, are the specific features of the Pittaja type. 47.

Kaphaja And Sannipatika Villas

An agonising pain attended with nausea, excessive fullness of the stomach and a sense of heaviness in the limbs are the indications which distinguish the Kaphaja type of the disease. The type due to the concerted action of the three simultaneously deranged Doshas of the body (Sa'nnipatika Sula) exhibits all the series of symptoms which respectively mark the preceding types, and hence it is said to be incurable. 48-49.

General Treatment

The symptoms have been described. Now hear me describe the mode of medical treatment (to be generally pursued in curing a case of Sula). Since the deranged bodily Vayu (which is the principal and immediately exciting factor, is very active in its operation, hence it should be speedily subdued. Fomentations with Payasa, Kris'ara or cooked meat saturated with any Sneha (clarified butter, etc.) should be resorted to. Fomentation naturally gives relief to a patient suffering from Sula. The patient should take cooked Trivrit-leaves (as pot-herbs) with his mea's cooked with a Sneha (clarified butter) and served hot; or he should eat the tender sprouts of Chiravilva fried with oil, or drink the meat-essence of the flesh of any birds of the Jangala group charged with a Sneha, or take the meat of any animal of the Viles'aya group. 50.