Treatment Of Vataja Sula

Sura, Sauviraka (fermented rice boilings), S'ukta, the cream of curd and Udas'vit (half-diluted Takra) saturated with Kala-salt * should be taken in a case of Vataja Sula. The soup of Kuluttha with an adequate quantity of the acid articles (e. g. pomegranate, etc.) and cooked with the soup of Lava bird salted with Saindhava and seasoned with pepper, exercise a curative efficacy in a case of the Vayu-origined type. The compound of Vidanga, S'igru, Kampilla, Pathya, S'yamat Amla-vetasa, Surasa, As'va-karna and Sauvarchala should be taken with wine in an attack of the Vayu-origined type of Sula. 51 - 52.

* Kala Lavana generally means 'Vit-salt', but here, according to Dallana, it means 'Sauvarchala-salt.

A pulverised compound consisting of Prithvikd, Ajaji Chavika, Yavam, Vyoska, Chitraka, Pippali, Pippala-mula and Saindhava pounded together should be taken with milk or Kambalika or Madhvasava (wine of honey) or Chukra or Surd (wine) or with Sauviraka (fermented rice-boilings) as alternatives. The above pulverised compound should be soaked in the expressed juice of Matulunga and with the decoction of Badara several times after the manner of Bhavana saturation, and the compound should be taken with a profuse quantity of Hingu, and with sugar. A Varti made of the same powders and pulverised (pith of) Dadima wood mixed together should be licked with treacle or honey or taken with wine in cases of Vataja Sula as giving an instantaneous relief. 53.

In a case of Sula due to hunger, light and sparing diet should be given with lukewarm milk, Yavdgu or meat-soup charged with clarified butter. Emulsive diet should be given in a case of Vataja Sula to a patient of dry or parched organism, use of well seasoned Ghrita-puras being specially recommended. The patient should also take Varuni wine wherefrom he will get relief. 54 - 55.

Treatment Of Pittaja Sula

The treatment of Vataja Sula has been described above . Now I shall narrate the therapeutic agents and remedies in respect of Pittaja-Sala. A person afflicted with an attack of the present type of the disease, should be made to vomit without any violent effort by drinking (a stomachful of) cold water. He should have recourse to cooling measures and avoid all heat-making ones. Vessels of copper, silver, or precious stones and cooling gems and filled up to the brim with water, should be placed upon the seat of affection (Sula) in his body. Treacle, barley, S'a'li rice, milk, (draughts of, clarified butter, purgatives, the flesh of any Jangala animals - these should be prescribed in cases of Pittaja Sula. All Pitta-generating articles should be avoided and those which soothe the Pitta should be used. The soup of the meat of Jangala animals may be taken with sugar as an alternative. Parushaka, grapes, dates and aquatic fruits such as S'ringa'taka, etc., should also be taken with sugar as they tend to relieve Pittaja Sula. 56.

Treatment Of Kaphaja Sula

A fit of Sula due to the action of the deranged Kapha is aggravated just after eating. Vomiting should be induced in such a case with draughts of the decoction of Pippali *. Dry fomentations and other heating measures should be likewise resorted to and the patient should be made to take Pippali and S'unthi (in any shape) in cases of Kaphaja Sula. Patha, Vacha, Tri-katit, and Katuka-rohini should be used with the decoction of Chitraka, or the soup (of any Sula-subduing article) should be taken with an equal part of Arjaka. 57-58.

Seeds and roots of Eranda, Gokshura-roots, S'alaparni, Pris'ni-parni, Brihati, Kantakari, S'rigala-vinna (a kind of Pris'ni-parni), Sahadeva, Mahasaha (Mashaparni), Kshudra-saha (Mudga-parni) and Ikshuraka-roots should be duly boiled with a Drona measure (sixty-four seers) of water and should be boiled till reduced to a quarter part. This decoction should be used with the admixture of Yava-kshara *. By this compound attacks of Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja and Tri-doshaja types of Sula would be thrown off just as the floating clouds arc shattered and driven by the wind. Pippali, Yava, Chitraka, Us'ira and Sarjika-kshata should be burnt together and reduced to ashes. Taken with tepid water, this compound proves curative in an attack of Kaphaja Sula. 59-60.

* Some commentators, according to Dallana, take Pippali to mean seeds of Matlana-phala.