Symptoms Of Parsva-Sula

The deranged Kapha in the regions of the Parsva (sides) arrests the course of local Vayu which thus irritated causes an immediate distention of the abdomen and a rumbling in the intestines. A pricking pain is felt in the affected part, which seems as if being pierced with needles, and the patient complains of insomnia and has no relish for food and his respiration becomes painful and difficult. The disease is named Parsva-Silla (side-colic) and is brought on by the action of the deranged Vayu and Kapha. 61.

Treatment Of Pars'Va-Sula

A pulverised compound of Pushkara-roots, Hingu, Sauvar-chala, Vit-salt, Saindhava, Tumburu and Pathya should be taken with a decoction of barley in a case of (colic) pain at the sides, at the region of the heart and at the region of the bladder. The medicated Ghrita mentioned in connection with abdominal dropsy due to the cnlarged spleen, or clarified butter mixed with Hingu should be as well administered in such cases. Vija-puraka-Sara * duly cooked in milk as well as draughts of castor oil mixed with wine, Mastu, milk or meat-soup (whichever of these may be conducive to the health of the patient) should be taken and the diet should be taken with milk or with the meat-soup of Jangala animals. 62. Symptoms of Kukshi- Sula: - The deranged and aggravated bodily Vayu, affecting the fire of digestion and incarcerated in the region of the Kukshi (loins) interferes with the digestion of the food previously taken which remains stiff and undigested in consequence. The patient breathes heavily owing to the accumulation of undigested (fecal) matter and tosses about in agony of pain, finding no relief in any posture whatever, whether sitting or lying. The disease is called Kukshi-Sula, and is due to indigestion incidental to the action of the deranged bodily Vayu. 63.

* The total weight of the drugs should be 8 seers, according to Pallana. According to others, however, it should be 12 seers. The preparation should be used in any shape both internally and externally e.g.,a bath, washing ,etc.

Treatment Of Kukshi- Sula

Vomiting should be induced and fasting should be prescribed in the case according to the strength of the patient. Acid and appetising drugs should be employed for the alleviation of the Doshas (Vayu and Ama). A decoction of Nagara, Dipyaka, Chavya, Hingu, Sauvarchala, Vit, † and the seeds of Matulunga, S'yama, Uruvuka, Brihati and of Kantakari, should be taken for the relief of the pain (Sula). Vacha, Sauvarchala, Hingu, Kushtha Ativisha, Abhaya and Kuta/a-seeds taken together would instantaneously relieve Sula. Purgatives should be administered, and Sneha-Vastis and Nirudha-Vastis should be applied for the amelioration of the deranged Doshas according to their nature and intensity. Sneha-Sveda and poultices should be applied and Dhanyamla (fermented paddy-boilings) should be employed as washes. 64 - 66.

* Vijapuraka-sara, according to Dallana, means the fruit of Vija-puraka. Vijaka-sara (the pith of Vijaka) is, however, a variant.

† Hingu, Souvarchala and Vit-sall should be used as an after-throw.