Symptoms And Treatment Of Hrichchhula

The deranged bodily Vayu aggravated by the vitiated Rasa (chyle) and incarcerated in the region of the heart through the action of the deranged Pitta and Kapha, produces Sula (pain) in the heart and gives rise to difficulty of respiration. This disease which is called Hrich-chhula (cardiac colic) is ushered in through the action of the deranged Vayu and Rasa of the boch-. Remedial measures mentioned in connection with the treatment of the diseases of the heart should be as well employed in the present malady. 67-68.

Symptoms of Vasti-Sula and Mutra- Sula

The local Vayu aggravated by the suppression of stool and urine is incarcerated in the region of the Vasti (bladder) and gives rise to a pain in the bladder, in the groins and about the umbilicus causing a further suppression of the stool, urine and flatus. The disease is called Vasti-Sula (bladder colic) and is due to the action of the deranged bodily Vayu. A cutting pain experienced in the genital, the intestines and the loins as well as at the sides and in the inguinal regions and about the umbilicus and causing a complete suppression of urine, is called Mutra-Sula. The disease should be likewise attributed to the action of the deranged bodily Vayu 69 - 70.

Symptoms Of Vit-Sula

The bodily Vayu deranged and aggravated by the use of dry food, etc., affects or impairs the digestive fire and obstructs the evacuation of feces accumulated in the bowels and gives rise to an excruciating pain in the locality by stuffing or choking the channels of the intestines. The pain is first experienced in the region of the right or left Kukshi (loin), but it soon extends over the whole abdomen with rumbling sounds therein. Thirst becomes unquenchable and vertigo and epileptic fits follow in its train, and the patient finds no relief even after the evacuation of the bladder and of the bowels. This disease is called Vit-Sula and is a very violent one. 71.

Treatment: - An experienced physician should instantly employ (jn such cases) the medicinal remedies which have the virtue of eliminating the deranged Doshas from the system. Fomentations, emetics as well as Sneha-Vastis and Nirudha-Vastis should be applied, and the bowel-cleansing compounds dealt with before should be administered. Medicinal measures mentioned in connection with the treatment of Udavarta should be likewise employed with advantage. 72.

Symptoms Of Annaja Sula

A voracious eating in an impaired state of digestive fire, aggravate the local Vayu which makes the food taken remain stiffed in the Koshtha. The food thus undigested in the Koshtha causes an intolerable colic, which brings on a distension of the abdomen, epileptic fits, eructation, nausea and an attack of Vilambika. The patient shivers, vomits, or passes stool, and even loses consciousness. Anti-colic (pain-killing) pills, powders and medicinal Ksharas arc recommended in the case. All the medical remedies applicable in cases of Gulma should likewise be applied in cases of Sula. 73 - 74.

Thus ends the forty-second chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhila which deals with the medical treatment of Gulma.