The Best Six Yogas

A paste (Kalka) of Trapusi-voois in combination with honey and washings of rice or two Tolas of the pasted Yashti-madhu should be taken (with the same vehicles). A compound consisting of Chandana, Yashti-madhu, and Rodhra taken in equal parts or Karanja-seeds made into a paste with sugar and honev should be similarly used In a similar way, the pith of Ingudi together with Yashti-madhu should be taken. As an alternative, salt (Saindhava) and Karanja-seeds turned into a paste with curd-cream should be taken lukeworm for three days in succession by a person suffering from an attack of Rakta-pitta. The six preceding medicinal compounds act as excellent cures for the disease under discussion. 16.

Pathya should be employed as an errhinc after the manner of Avapida-Nasya in the event of the blood passing through the nostrils. In case of excessive haemorrhage (in the disease) the patient should drink blood in combination with honey, or cat a goat's raw liver with the bile. 17.

Clarified butter duly cooked with the admixture of an adequate quantity of the expressed juice of (the bark of) Palas'a trees should be taken, when cool, in combination with honey, or clarified butter prepared by churning the milk duly cooked with the expressed juice of (the bark of) the Vanaspati-trees (Vata, etc.) should be used with sugar. A Pala weight of each of Draksha, Us'zra, Padmaka and sugar should be kept immersed in cold water during the (whole) night. This cold infusion would cure a case of Rakta-pitta, A draught of milk with an equal quantity of water is also re;ommended for a patient comforming to a proper regimen of diet and conduct. 18.

The watery secretion of the dung of a horse or a bull should be taken with honey and sugar. In the alternative, powders of the seeds of Vastuka or (of the roots, of Tanduliyaka-plants should be licked with honey. A lambative formed of Laja (parched paddy) and Anjana * mixed with honey, or powdered Tuga-kshiri mixed with honey and sugar should be licked. A patient suffering from an attack of Rakta-pitta should take a compound of Draksha, Tikta-rohini, Yashti-madhu and sugar with cold water, or lick a compound of pulverised Pathya, Ahinsra and Rajani with clarified butter. 19.

The compound of (blue), Utpala Sourashtra mrithika (red earth), Priyangu, Lodhara, polens of lotus and sugar mixed together and taken with honey and a decoction of Vasaka would speedily stop the emission in a virulant type of Rakta-pitta. Similarly a compound consisting of flowers of Khadira, Jambu, Arjuna, (red) Kovidara, S'irisha, Lodhra, Asana, S'ahnali and S'igru, pounded together and mixed with honey should be licked by the patient in a case of Rakta-pitta. 20 - 21.

The alkaline water prepared with the ashes of Indivara and taken with honey, powdered Karanja-seeds taken with honey and clarified butter and the decoction of Jambu, Arjuna and Antra - these three compounds prove curative in cases of Rakta-pitta. A paste made of the roots and flowers of Matulunga should also be taken with the washings of rice. 22 - 23.

* Kalanjana is a variant, in place of Laja and Anjana. For Kalanjana Dallana reads Souviranjana. This should be the proper reading because there is a word in the receipe which shows that there will be only one thing and not two.

A solution of milk or water saturated with sugar should be applied into the nostrils in the event of bleeding from the nose. The expressed juice of grapes, clarified butter prepared by churning milk or the expressed juice of sugar-cane should be taken cold (through the nostrils) in combination with sugar *. All cooling measures and sweet-drugs should be employed in the present disease 24 - 25.