Asthapana And Anuvasna

The application of an Asthapana-Vasti charged with milk duly cooked with the drugs of the Vidari-gandhadi group and mixed with honey, clarified butter, sugar and Draksha, proves extremely efficacious in the disease under discussion. The application of an Anuvasna-Vasti charged with clarified butter * would be attend-ded with equal benefit. The drugs known as Pri-yangu, Lodhra, Souviranjana, Gairika, Utpala, Suvarna-gairika, Kaliyaka, conch-shell, Chandana, sugar, As'va-gandha, Ambuda, Yashti-madhu, Mrinala and Sougan-dhika, taken in equal parts, should be pounded together and mixed with copious quantities of milk, honey and clarified butter. This solution should be injected into the rectum after the manner of Nirudha-Vasti. The patient should be sprinkled with cold water and given his diet with milk after which clarified butter duly cooked with Yashti-madhu should be injected into the rectum of the patient after the manner of Anuvasana-Vasti. This measure proves extremely beneficial in cases of down-coursing Rakta-pitta and violent types of blood-dysentery. In the case of an excessive discharge of blood, if the patient be strong enough, vomiting should be induced after the cessation of the blood-discharge. 2C-27. Urethral-injections composed of the aforesaid drugs should be applied (after the manner of Uttara-vasti) in the event of bleeding from the bladder. Measures laid down in connection with the treatment of Rakta-pitta should be resorted to in cases of bleeding-piles. In cases of menorrhagia as well as in cases of excessive bleeding incidental to any surgical operation, the above measures (of the medical treatment) should be adopted by an experienced physician. The subsequent treatment of the cases should be determined by the nature and intensity of the deranged bodily Doshas as well as of the blood involved therein. 28-29.

* Srikantha Datta, the commentator of Vrinda, would mix sugar with the juice of sugar-cane only and not with the other two. All these should be applied into the nostrils.

Thus ends the forty-fifth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with (the symptoms and) the medical treatment of Rakta-pitta.