Treatment Of Kamala, Etc

Tribhandi (Trivrit) taken with sugar as well as Gavdkshi or S'unthi taken with treacle, is beneficial to a patient suffering from an attack of Kamala. Clarified butter duly cooked with Kaleya-wood and mixed with turmeric as an after-throw is also efficacious. In the alternative the patient should take Srotanjana and S'ilajatu with cow's urine in a case of Kumbha-Kataiala'. Manduta (rust of iron) kept immerged in cow's urine should be likewise taken with Saindhava - salt continually for a month. Mandura should be burnt in the fire of Vibhitaka-wood and cooled with cow's urine. The process should be repeated eight times in succession. The iron-rust thus tempered should be subsequently reduced to powders. Licked with honey it would act as a speedy cure in cases of Kumbha-Kamala. 28-30.

Saindhava-salt once made red-hot by heating (in the fire of Vibhitaka-wood) should be cooled in cow's urine. Iron-rust (Mandura) should be successively heated in fire and cooled with cow's urine as directed above, the process being repeated many times. The two substances (Saindhava and iron-rust) thus prepared, (taken in equal parts) and made into a paste with (five times of) cow's urine, should be cooked on an oven, care being taken to guard against their ignition. When dried, the compound should be reduced to powder and taken with Udas'vit (a kind of Takra). The medicine acts as a good appetiser and proves curative in cases of Pandu. The patient using it should take his diet with Takra after the assimilation of the medicine. Clarified butter duly cooked with the expressed juice of Draksha, Guduchi and Amalaki proves curative in cases of La'gharaka. 31.

Articles Of Diet

Arishtas and Asavas prepared with treacle or with hone)- or with sugar or with cow's urine or with Kshara [alkali) as well as the essence of meat of any Jangala animal saturated with clarified butter and mixed with the expressed juice of Amalaka or of Kola should be prescribed and meals of cooked barley grains or of S'ali rice and the prepara-tions prescribed in cases of swelling (Sopha) should be daily taken by a patient suffering from an attack of Pandu-roga. 32.

Treatment of supervening Symptoms: The supervening symptoms such as difficulty of breathing, diarrhoea, aversion to food, cough, epileptic fits, thirst, vomiting, colic pain, lexer, swelling (Sopha), burning sensation in the body, indigestion, hoarseness, lassitude, etc. should be remedied on the principles laid down in the Sastras with due regard to the nature and intensity of the deranged bodily Doshas, severally lying at their roots. 33.

Prognosis: - If a patient afflicted with Pandu have an edematious swelling of the extremities with an emaciation of the abdominal region and vice versa or if he have a swelling of the scrotum or of the genitals or about the anus or if he be suffering from fever or diarrhoea or be lying in a sub-comatose state, he should be given up and should not be attended by a physician caring anything for his fame. 34.

Thus ends the forty-fourth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) medical treatment of Pandu-roga.