Eladi Mantha

A Prastha measure of clarified butter should be duly cooked with the decoction of Ela,Ajamoda, Amalaka, Abhaya, Aksha, Gayatri, Arishta, Asana, S'alasdra, Vidanga, Bhallataka, Chitraka, Ugra *, Tri-katu, Ambhoda and Surashtraja-earth. When duly cooked it should be taken down from the oven and thirty Pala weight of candied sugar, six-Pala-weight of Tuga-kshira (Vams'a-lochana) and two-Prastha-measure of honey should be added to it and stirred with a laddie. A Pala weight of this preparation followed by a draught of milk should be given to be licked every morning to a Phthisical patient. The present elixir is possessed of ambrosial sanctity. The extent of its therapeutic application embraces such diseases of the body as Phthisis, chlorosis, fistula-in-ano, asthma, loss of voice, cough, troubles of the heart, enlarged spleen, Gulma and chronic diarrhea or indigestion. It imparts longevity to a person using it, leads to the expansion of his intellectual faculties and tends to invigorate his eye-sight. It is the best of all rejuvenating preparations of our pharmacopea and no strict regimen of diet and conduct is required to be followed while it is used. 30.

* Chakradatta does not read Ugra in the list.

The medicated clarified butter mentioned under the treatment of Plihodara (dropsy of the abdomen owing to the enlargement of spleen - Chapter XIII (Curative Treatment Of Eye-Diseases In Which Scarification Should Be Resorted To (Lekhya-Roga-Pratishedha)), Chikitsita-sthana) as well as the three others mentioned in that connection may be also used with advantage in the disease under discussion. The accompanying symptoms or complications such as hoarseness of voice, etc. should be remedied with appropriate medicines presented for those diseases in the Sastras. The patient should be made to use regularly the milk, butter, urine, blood, meat and the (expressed liquid of the) dung of a goat as his bath or in any other way possible (e.g., in drinking) and to live in a goat-shed (in the company of goats) whereby he would be cured of his Phthisis in a month.

A Phthisical patient should likewise be made to take Rasona (garlic) or Naga-vala or Magadhika or S'ilajatu with milk, in the prescribed manner (laid down in connection with the medical treatment of Maha-vata-Vyadhi). 31-34.

Rules Of Conduct

He should not allow any grief, anger or jealousy to disturb the equilibrium of his mind, should lead a life of strict continence, deal in the discussion of sublime subjects and conform to the injunctions of his medical advisers or physicians. He should pay respects to the gods, superiors and Brahmanas and listen to the discussions of the spiritual truths from the lips of Brahmans. 35.

Thus ends the forty-6rst chapter of the Uttara Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of Phthisis.