Tri-Doshaja Type

The foregoing measures and remedies should be employed in the Tri-doshaja type of Mutra-krichchhra according to the nature and intensity of the predominance of the Doshas involved. Pulverised compound of Phalgu (Kakodumbara), Vris'-chika (white Punarnava), Darbha and As'ma-sara (dead iron) taken with water, potions of Sura (wine), the expressed juice of Ikshu, and the decoction of Darbha would relieve pain in a case of Mutra-krichchhra. 15.

Medicines and medicinal measures mentioned in the chapter on the treatment of Sadyo-vrana should be employed in a case of stricture due to any hurt (Abhighata) to the urethra. Yayu-subduing remedies should be constantly used, and baths, fomentations, unguents, applications of Yasti and powders should be employed in a case of Purishaja. Mutra-krichchhra. The treatment of the last two kinds (viz. As'mari-ja and Sarkara-ja) has already been described. 16-17.

Thus ends the fifty-ninth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'rula Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) medical treatment of Mutra-dosha.

Here ends the Kaya-Chikitsa.