The Commentator Kartika Kundu Supports This

Dallana. For Kantaka- Pancha-mula, see Chap. XXXVIII - Sutra-Sthana.

Water duly boiled with Kas'eru, S'ringataka, Padma, Mocha (plantain-flower) and Vis'a is efficacious in allaying thirst incidental to hurt (Kshataja). Water containing Nilotpala, Us'ira and red Chandana should be kept in an open space during the night and a physician should give this well-scented water mixed with sugar and honey and with a large quantity of Draksha to the thirst-afflicted patients on the following morning for their benefit. Cold infusions of the drugs of any of the Trina-pancha-miria, Utpaladi and Madhura (D. R. the first group i.e., Vidarigandhadi) groups mixed with the drugs of the Sarivadi group as well as that of the drugs of the Madhuka-pushpadi groups should be prepared in the preceding manner and prescribed. The six kinds of cordials (Panaka) separately prepared (in the preceding manner) with the (four kinds of) Rajadana, Kshiri or Kapitana are also beneficial in such cases. Fruits of Tundikeri (wild Karpasa) and of Karpasa pasted together (and dissolved in water) and taken internally would prove beneficial. A case of thirst incidental to any ulcer (Kshataja) is allayed with the stoppage or removal of the pain or by taking meat-soup or the blood (of deer, goat, etc.). 22 - 26.

A case of thirst due to the waste (Kshayaja) of any fundamental organic fluid (Rasa) is removed by taking draughts of clarified butter churned from milk,* as well as those of meat-soup and infusion of Yashti-madhu. Thirst which is incidental to the presence of mucus and undigested fecal matter in the intestines (Amaja) should be remedied with the decoction of Vilva, Vacha and the drugs of the Dipaniya (Pippalyadi) group or with the decoction of the drugs of the Dipaniya group mixed with Amrtaka, Bhallataka and Vala. The type which has its origin in the use of heavy and indigestible fares or due to errors in diet as well as all other types of thirst with the exception of the one which is incidental to the waste of any fundamental organic principle should be cured by inducing vomiting. 27 - 28.

* In places ofThe Commentator Kartika Kundu Supports This 300100 and some read ' (milk mixed with water),(soup of Ma'sha pulse) and (honey mixed with water) respectively.

Solution of common treacle or Mantha or meat-soup is efficacious in allaying thirst which is due to physical fatigue. Warm Yavagus or cold Manthas * would alleviate a thirst caused by the obstruction of the participated meal. A man should drink warm water in cases of thirst due to an excessive taking of any fatty substance (Sneha). The thirst of a habitual drunkard which is due to the reactionary effects of wine is allayed by draughts of half-diluted wine. Thirst due to heat, may be allayed with draughts of cold water surcharged with sugar or with the expressed juice of suger-ca-ne. 29 - 33.

General Treatment

Vomiting should be induced in these cases with the decoction of such drills as are remedial to the deranged bodily Doshas involved in each case and the digestive (Pachana) remedies as prescribed in cases of fever should also be prescribed in these cases. Use of cooling plasters and of cold baths and spray, residence in cold chambers, exhibition of emetics and purgatives, use of milk, meat-essence, clarified butter and sweet and cooling lambatives would be likewise prescribed in all cases of thirst. 34 - 35.

• Warm Yavagu should be prescribed in case; where Vayu pre-ponderates and cold Mantha in cases where Pitta preponderates.

Thus ends the forty-eighth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sua'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of thirst.