† Some Here Read The Following Two Compounds As An Additional Text

Kushtha, Aguru, Patra, Rasna, S'igru, Vacha and Tvak should be Diet

Digestive and appetising Peya, etc., should be given to the patient when he experiences a good hunger after he had been fully treated with a course of emetic or purgative or kept fasting for a proper period. 13.

Causes And Symptoms Of Anaha

The disease in which Ama (undigested food) or fecal matter, gradually incarcerated (in the stomach) through the action of the deranged and aggravated local Vayu fails to find its natural outlet, or is not spontaneously evacuated is called Anha (Enteritis ?).

A case of Anaha due to the accumulation of undigested food (in the stomach) exhibits such symptoms as thirst, cattarrh, burning in the head, a sense of heavi-ness and cramps in the stomach, nausea (D. R. - heaviness of the heart) and suppression of eructations. While a case of Anaha in the Pakvas'aya (intestines) is marked by a sense of stuffedness in the back and waist, suppression of stool and urine, colic, epileptic or fainting fits, vomiting of feces, laboured and difficult respiration (D. R. - swelling), as well as the symptoms mentioned under the head of Alasaka. 14.


In a case of Anaha due to the presense of Ama, the patient should be treated with emetics and then with digestive medicines and diet according to the prescribed order. The Ama (undigested food) in a case not marked by any vomiting of feces should be treated with fomentation and therapeutic mixed together and pasted with Kanjika. This would be the best remedy, for rubbing over the body of the patient, in a case of Visuchikaagents of digestive efficacy. Vartis (suppositories) made by pasting the purgative drugs mentioned in connection with the medical treatment of Visuchika together with the urine of a she-buffalo, or of a she-goat or of a ewe or of a she-elephant, or of a cow, should be used. The body of the patient should be first fomented and then the powders of the drugs used in preparing the afore-said Vartis should be blown (into his intestines) through a pipe inserted into his rectum. Decoction should be duly prepared by boiling the drugs of emetic and purgative virtue in cow's urine. Nirudha Vasti* should soon be applied with the above decoction mixed with half as much of cow's urine † and with honey and adding also the powders of Trivrit and salt weighing a Prakuncha (Pala). The procedure laid down in respect of the exhibition of purgatives should be adopted here. Oil duly cooked and boiled with the foregoing drugs should also be injected into the rectum, if necessary, after the manner of an Aunvasana Vasti. 15 - 16.

Oil should be duly cooked with Chitraka, Yuthi-fiower, oil-cakes (of sesamum), Bhallataka, the two Ksharas, Saindhava and two parts of Kushtha. This should be prescribed by an expert to be rubbed, or used as a plaster over the body of the patient.

Thus ends the fifty-sixth chapter in the Uttara-Tantra of the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of Visuchikd.

* The application of this Nirudha Vasti should be prescribed only in theCauses And Symptoms Of Anaha 300122 stage of Anaha and never in itsstage.

† Kartika Kundu does not include "urine" in this list. He readsCauses And Symptoms Of Anaha 300124 (added in half dose) in place of