Maha-Kalyana Ghrita

Clarified butter duly cooked with twice as much of milk and with Vidanga, Tri-phala, Musta, Manjishtha, Dadima, Uipala, S'yama, Ela-valuka, Ela, (redi Chandana, Deva-daru, Barkisktha (Balaka), Haridra, Kushtha, Parnini Sala-parni), Sariva, Harenuka, Trivrit, Danti, Vacha, Talisa-patra, Naga-kes'ara and Malati flowers as Kalka (is called Kalya'na Ghrita* and) proves curative in cases of Gulma, cough, fever, asthma, phthisis and insanity. Clarified butter duly cooked with four times as much of milk and with the aforesaid drugs as Kalka and with the drugs of the Kakolyadi group added to it by way of an after-throw is called Maha'-kalya'aa Ghrita. The range of its therapeutic application includes (such ailments as) Apasmara, (attack by) Graha, consumption, impotency, emaciation and sterility as well as the diseases mentioned above. 12.

Phala Ghrita

Clarified butter duly cooked with Balaka, Kushtha, Manjishtha, Katuka, Ela, Haridra, Tri-phala, Hingu, As'vagandha, Deva-daru, Vacha, Yamani, Kakoli, Meda, Yashti-madhu and Padmaki as Kalka), and with four times as much of milk and with sugar as an after-throw would be beneficial. It should also be prescribed for infants struck by malignant stars as well as for male adults of evil propensities and short intellect. This is known as Phala-Ghrita* and removes barrenness of women 13.

Brahmi (Manduka-parni), Aindri, Vidanga, Tri-katu, Hingu, Surd (Deva-daru), Jata (Jata-mamsi), Vishaghni (Haridra), Las'una (garlic), Rasna, Vis'alya (Guduchi), Surasa, Vacha, Jyotishmati, Naga-vinna (a kind of Indra-varuni), Ananta, Abhaya and Sourashtri taken in equal parts should be pounded together and made into a paste with the addition of elephant's urine. It should then be dried in the shade, and Vartis should be prepared thereof. These should be used by an intelligent person as an Anjana, unguent, snuff, fumigation and Avapida. 14.

* According to Dallana the mentions of these two recipes (Kalyana Ghrita and Phala Grita) are interpolations.

Blood-letting from the Uras (chest), Apanga (outer corner of the eye) and Lalata (forehead) should be resorted to. Measures and drugs mentioned in connection with the treatment of Apasmara and Graha-roga may be likewise employed in the present instance. Oily purgatives (Sneha-vasti) should be administered after the subsidence of the deranged Dosha. 15.

In a case of the fifth kind (viz. Sokaja) of insanity the cause of grief should be first removed. In all forms of insanity the restoration of the serenity of mind should be first attempted. Mild and gentle forms of these remedies should be resorted to in a case of Mada (preliminary stage of insanity). Mild anti-venomous (anti-toxin) measures should be resorted to in a case (of insanity due to the effects of poison. 17-18.

Thus ends the sixty-second chapter in the Uttara-Tantra of the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of Insanity.

Here ends the Bhuta-vidya-Tantra.