Superiority Of Salya-Tantram

The different parts or members of the body as mentioned before including even the skin cannot be correctly described by any one who is not versed in Anatomy. Hence, any one desirous of acquiring a thorough knowledge of anatomy should prepare a dead body and carefully observe (by dissecting it) and examine its different parts. For a thorough knowledge can only be acquired by comparing the accounts given in the Sastras (books on the subject) by direct personal observation. 49.

* If we read Mutrasaya (bladder) in place of Pittasaya it explains the anatomy better. - Ed.

Mode Of Dissection

A dead body selected for this purpose should not be wanting in any of its parts, should not be a person who had lived up to a hundred years (i. c. too old age) or of one who died from any protracted disease or of poison. The excrementa should be first removed from the entrails and the body should be left to decompose in the water of a solitary and still pool, and securely placed in a cage (so that it may not be eaten away by fish nor drift away), after having covered it entirely with the outer sheaths of Munja grass, Kus'a grass,hemp or with rope etc. After seven days the body would be thoroughly decomposed, when the observer should slowly scrape off the decomposed skin etc. with a whisk made of grass-roots, hair, Kus'a blade or with a strip of split bamboo and carefully observe with his own eyes all the various different organs, external and internal, beginning with the skin as described before. 50 - 56.

Memorable Verses

The Self, the occult or invisible Lord of the body cannot be detected except with the psychic eye or with that of the mind. He, who has observed the internal mechanism of the human body and is well read in the works bearing on these subjects and has thus all his doubts expelled from his mind is alone qualified in the science of Ayurveda and has a rightful claim to practise the art of healing. 57.

Thus ends the fifth Chapter of the S'árira-sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which treats of the anatomy of the human body.