The Kanabha Class Of Insects

The Trikantaka, Kuni, Hasti-kaksha and the Aparajita are the four kinds of insects that belong to the Kanabha group and are extremely painful in their bites giving rise to swelling, aching in the limbs, heaviness of the body and a black aspect at the seat of the bite. 10.

The Gaudheyaka Class Of Insects

The five kinds of insects known as the Prati-surya, Pinga-bhása, Bahu-varna, Mahá-siras and the Nirupama belong to the Gaudheyaka class. The stages and the symptoms of a bite by an insect of this group are often identical with (or mistaken for) a snake bite and are marked by all its characteristic pain and the appearance of dreadful Granthis (nodular glands) of varied colours and shapes. 11.

The six kinds of insects known as the Gala-goli, S'veta-krishna, Rakta-ráji, Rakta-mandala, Sarva-s'vetá, and the Sarshapika belong to one and the same species. A bite by any of these insects excepting by a Sarshapiká is attended with a burning sensation and slimy exudation from and swelling in the seat of the bite, that of the Sarshapiká being accompanied by an attack of dysentery (Atisára) and pain at the heart. 12.

Sata-Padi (Centipede)

The S'ata-padi (centipede) species is divided into eight kinds, viz., the Parusha (rough), Krishna (black), Chitra (of variegated colours), Kapilika (tawny brown), Pitaka (yellow), Raktá (red), S'vetá (white) and the Agni-prabhá (resembling fire in virtue). A bite by any of these insects is attended with swelling, pain and a burning sensation in the heart. A bite by one of the Svetá. or the Agni-prabhá species is marked by all the aforesaid symptoms as well as by violent epileptic fits, an intolerable burning sensation and eruptions of white pustules (Pidaká). 13.

Manduka (Frogs)

The Mandukas (frogs) are divided in eight different species vis., the Krishna, Sara, Kuhaka, Harita, Rakta, Yava-varnábha, Bhrikuti and the Kotika A bite by any of these is accompanied by an itching sensation in the seat of the bite and a flow of yellow-coloured foam from the mouth. A bite by one of the Bhrikuti or Kotika species gives rise to the aforesaid symptoms as well as a burning sensation, vomiting and a severe attack of epileptic fits in addition thereto. 14.

A bite by one of the Vis'vambhara species of insects is followed by Sita-jvara (catarrhal fever) and an eruption of white pimples (Pidaka) in the shape of mustard seeds round about the scat of the bite. A bite by one of the Ahinduka species is marked by piercing pain, a burning sensation, itching and swelling (in the affected locality), as well as by delirium. A bite (contact) by one of the Kandumaká species is followed by a yellowness of the complexion, vomiting, dysentery and fever, etc. A bite by one of the S'uka-vrinta or such like species is attended with itching and Kotha (urticaria) and the bristles of the insects are found to be adhering to the affected locality. 15.