Recipes Of Remedies In Different Cases

An anti-venomous compound (Agada) consisting of Kushtha, Chakra (Tagara), Vach, Vilva-roots, Pâthâ, Suvarchikâ, house-soot and the two kinds of Haridrâ is efficacious in the case of a bite by a Trikan-taka insect. An Agada consisting of house soot, Rajani, Chakra, Kushtha and the seeds of Palás'a destroys the poison of a Gala-goli insect. An Agada composed of Kumkuma, Tagara, S'igru, Padmaka and the two kinds of Rajam, pasted with water, proves curative in the case of a bite by a S'ata-padi (centipede). An Agada consisting of Mesha-s'ringi, Vachá, Páthá, Nichula, Rohini, and Bálaka is efficacious in all kinds of Manduka-poisoning. An Agada consisting of Vacha, As'va-gandhá, Ati-balá, Bald, Atiguhá (Sála-parni) and Aguhâ (Prisni-parni) nullifies the poison of a Visvambhara insect. An Agada consisting of S'irisha, Tagara, Kushtha, the two kinds of Haridrâ, Ams'u-mati and the two kinds of Sahâ destroys the poison of an Ahinduka insect. Cooling measures should be adopted in the night time in the case of a Kandumaka-bite, since the poison which is aggravated by the sun's rays in the day does not prove amenable to any remedy, if applied at that time. An Agada consisting of Chakra, Kushtha and Apâ-mârga is efficacious in a case of Suka-vrinta-bite. As an alternative, the earth of a black ant-hill pasted with the expressed juice of Bhringa would prove efficacious in such cases. A plaster prepared with the earth of a black ant-hill and the urine of a cow proves curative in cases of bites of files, ants and mosquitoes- The treatment of a case of a bite by a Prati-suryaka is the same as that of a snake-bite. 27-36.

Origin And Classification Of Scorpions

Scorpions are divided into three classe, viz., the mild-poisoned ones (Manda-visha), those whose poison is neither mild nor strong (Madhya-visha), and the strong-poisoned ones (Maha-visha). Scorpions germinating from cow-dung * or from any other rotten substances are Manda-visha. Those which germinate from (decomposed) wood or (decayed) bricks are Madhya-visha (with poison neither mild nor strong);

* Dallana says that by cow-dung (Gomaya) is meant the dung, the urine etc. of not only a cow, but of a buffalo, etc. as well while those which originate from the deemposed carcase of a snake or from any other poisonous putrid organic matter are Tikshna-visha (strong-poisoned). The first group of scorpions includes twelve different species, the second three and the third and last fifteen, thus making thirty * species in all. 37-38.

Specific traits and Characteristics of mild-poisoned Scorpions ". - Scorpions which are black (Krishna) ordark-brown (S'yáva) or of variegated colours (Karbura) or yellow (Pándu) or coloured like the urine of a cow or rough or dark blue (Mechaka) or white or red or greenish (S'ádvala) or red mixed with white (Rakta-s'vcta) † or provided with hair on their bodies (Romas'a) should be regarded as Manda-visha (mild poisoned ones). A bite by a scorpion of this species is accompained by pain (in the seat of the bite), shivering, numbness of the limbs and a flow of blackish blood (from the punctures of the bite). In the case of a bite at any of the extremities, the pain courses upward, accompained by a burning sensation, perspiration, swelling of the bitten part and fever. 39