Infantile Elixirs

Clarified butter cooked with (the decoction and Kalka of) white mustard seeds,. Vachá, Mánsi, Payasyá, Apámdrga, S'atávari, Sárivá, Bráhmi, Pippali, Haridrá, Kushtha and Saindkava salt should be given to an infant fed exclusively on milk. Clarified butter prepared with (the docoction and Kalka of) Madhuka (Yashtimadhu), Vacha, Chitraka, Pippali and Triphalá should be given to an infant fed both on milk and (boiled) rice (solid and liquid food). Clarified butter boiled with (the decoction and Kalka of) Das'amula, milk, Tagara, Bhadmáru, Maricha, honey, Vidanga, Drákshá and the two sorts of Bráhmis should be given to an infant fed on (boiled) rice (solid food) By these the health, strength, intellect and longivity of the child is improved. 36-37.

A child should be so handled or lifted as not to cause any discomfort. A baby should not be scolded, nor suddenly roused up (from sleep), lest it might get awfully frightened. It should not be suddenly drawn up nor suddenly laid down, lest this should result in the derangement of its bodily Váyu. An attempt to seat it (before it has learnt to sit steadily), may lead to haunch-back (Kyphosis). Lovingly should a child be fondled and amused with toys and play-things. A child unruffled by any of the above ways becomes healthy, cheerful and intelligent as it grows older. An infant should be guarded against any exposure to the rains, the sun,or the glare of lightning. He should not be placed under a tree or a creeper, in low lands, and in lonely houses or in their shades (caves); and it should be protected from the malignant influences of evil stars and occult powers. 38.

Metrical Texts

A child should not be left (alone) in an unclean and unholy place, nor under the sky (uncovered place), nor over an undulating ground, nor should it be exposed to heat, storm, rain, dust, smoke and water. Milk is congenial to the organism of a chiid, ie., it is its proper food. Hence in the absence of sufficient breast-milk, the child should be given the milk of a cow or of a she-goat in adequate quantities. 39.

In the sixth month of its birth the child should be fed on light and wholesome boiled rice. A child should always be kept in an inner apartment of the house, and religious rites should be performed on its behalf for the propitiation of evil deities, and it should be carefully guarded against the influences of evil stars. 40.

Symptoms When A Malignant Star, Etc., Strikes

The child looks frightened and agitated, cries, becomes unconscious at times, wounds himself or its nurse with its teeth and finger-nails, gnashes its teeth, crooks, yawns, or moves its eye-brows with upturned eyes, vomits frothy matter, bites its lips, becomes cross, passes loose stool mixed with shreds of mucus, cries in an agonised voice, becomes dull in complexion, becomes weak, does not sleep in the night, does not suck the breast as before, or emits a fishy, bug-like or mole-like smell from its body - these are the general symptoms exhibited by a child under the influence of a malignant star or planet which will be specifically described later on in the Uttara-Tantra. 41.