Jivádána (Haemorrhage) Due To Excessive Purging

An excess (Ati-yoga) of purging is marked, at the outset, by a flow of watery mucus through the rectum, lesembling the crest of a peacock's plume in colour This is followed by an emission of shreddy and blood-streaked mucus resembling the washings of meat, succeeded by an oozing out of actual red blood attended with a shivering, protrusion of the anus and all the supervening distresses of emetics. The treatment in such cases should be as in those of haemorrhage. The protruded anus should be first lubricated (with a Sneha) and subsequently fomented and re-introduced into its proper place or it should be treated according to the directions laid down in the chapter of Kshudra-Roga. * The shivering should be treated with remedies laid down in connection with Váta-vyadhi. Remedies in cases of a protrusion of the tongue, etc., have been already described. Milk boiled (according to the Kshira-páka-vidhi) with Kás'mari fruit, Vadari fruit, Us'ira and Durvá grass subsequently cooled and mixed with the cream of clarified butter and Anjana, should be syringed into the rectum in the manner of an Asthá-pana-Vasti in the case of an excessive flow of red blood (lit. life-blood) from the bowels. Vasti should be employed in such cases, with a decoction of the drugs of the Nyagrodhádi group mixed with milk, clarified butter, expressed juice of sugar-cane and (goat's) blood. Remedies mentioned under haemoptysis (Rakta-pitta) and bloody dysentery should be employed in cases marked by spitting of life-blood (Jiva-s'onita). Decoctions of the drugs of the Nyagrodhádi group should be given with food and drink. 13.

* The remedial measures for the treatment of Guda-bhrams'a, etc., under the Kshudra-Roga, should be employed in such cases.

Jiva-Sonita, How To Be Known

A piece of a linen or cotton should be soaked in (and dyed with) the emitted blood where any doubt would arise whether it is a case of arterial blood (Jiva-s'onita) or one of Rakta pitta. The continuance of the dye or red stain on the linen even after being washed with hot water would conclusively establish its identity with the arterial blood or Jiva-s'onita, As an alternative,, the discharged blood mixed with barley-powder or any other kind of food should be given to a dog to eat. If it is eaten by the dog, it would at once establish the identity of the emitted blood with the healthy arterial blood of the organism. 14.

Adhmána (Flatulent Distention Of The Abdomen)

If a person who is suffering from a plethora of the Doshas in his system and who has not previously been treated with a Sneha and whose bowels still contain the undigested residue of a previous meal and (consequently) an abundance of Váyu therein, takes a (purgative or an emetic) which is neither emollient nor hot, the medicine is likely to produce a flatulent distention of his abdomen (Adhmana). It arrests the emission of flatus (Váyu), stool and urine, makes the abdomen distended, produces a breaking pain in the sides, a pricking pain in the anus (Guda) and in the urinary bladder (Vasti) as well as a disrelish for food. This is called Adhmána The patient, in such a case, should be treated with Anáha-varti, appetising medicines and with Vasti measures. 15.