Treatment Of Kaphaja Visarpa

Cases of the Kaphaja type of Visarpa readily yield to a proper application of a medicinal plaster (Pradeha) composed of Aja-gandhá, As'va-gandhá, Saralá * Kálá, Ekaishiká † and Aja-s'ringi ‡ pasted with the urine of a cow. Drugs, such as Kálánusáryá, Aguru, Choclia (cardamom), Gunjá, Rásná, Vachá, S'ita-s'iva, Indra-parni, Pálinái, Munjáta and Mahi-Kadamba (applied similarly) are also efficacious in the present type. Drugs of the Varunádi group may be used in any form (such as plasters, washes, etc.) for erysipelas. Blood-letting (by means of leeches) and Sams'odhana (purifying) measures are the principal remedies in all cases of this disease (Visarpa) Suppurated erysipelas should be first purified and then treated with the remedies described in the treatment of Vrana (ulcer). 7-8.

* "Saralá" here means "Trivrit". Chakradatta readsTreatment Of Kaphaja Visarpa 20080 which also means "Trivrit".

† 'Ekaishika," according to Dallana, would mean S'atávari but S'ivadása explains it as Páthá.

‡ Gayadása explains it as Karkata-S'ringi.

Treatment Of Nádi-Vrana

A Case of Nádi-Vrana (sinus) due to the concerted action of the three Doshas (Sannipátaja) baffles all cure, while the four remaining types are amenable to careful medical treatment. Poultices (Upanáha) * should be applied at the outset in the Vátaja Nádi-Vrana and then the course of the pus-channels should be (ascertained and) fully opened (with a knife) and bandaged with a paste of sesamum, Apámárga-seeds and Saindhava salt. A decoction of (the drugs of) the Vrihat-Pancha-mula group should be constantly used in washing the ulcer. Oil † duly cooked with the following drugs, viz, Himsrá, Haridrá, Katuka, Valá, Gojiliviká and Vivla-roots should be used for the purification, filling up and healing of the sores of the sinus. 9-11.

Treatment Of Pittaja Nádi

In a case of Pittaja sinus, an intelligent surgeon should employ a porridge (Utkáriká) mixed with milk and clarified butter as a poultice. Then having opened the sinus with a knife, a plaster composed of Tila, Nága-danti and Yashti-madhu should be applied to heal it. A decoction of Soma, Nimba and Haridrd should be used by a skillful surgeon in washing the ulcer daily. A medicated Ghrita cooked with S'yámá, Trivrit, Triphalá, Haridrá, Dáru-Haridrá, Rodhra and Kutaja and with milk should be used to lubricate (Tarpana) the sinus. This Ghrita will even heal a sinus affecting the Koshtha. 12-13.

* Poulticing with the drugs which induce suppuration is not approved of by Gayadátsa.

† Four seers of oil, the (Kalka) drugs combindely weighing one seer and sixteen seers of water are to be taken in its preparation. - Dallana.

Treatment Of Kaphaja Nadi

In a case of the Kaphaja type of the Nadi, the sinus should be duly poulticed Upanáha)with Kulattha, white mustard seeds, S'aktu and Kinva. When softened by its application, the direction of the sinus (with the help of a director) should be first ascertained; and an expert surgeon should then open it fully with a knife and plaster it with a compound composed of Nimba, sesamum, Saindhava salt and Sauráshtra-mrittiká. A decoction (Sva-rasa-lit - expressed juice) of the Karanja. Nimba, Játi, Aksha and Pilu should be used in washing the incidental ulcer. Oil duly cooked with Savarchiká, Saindhava, Chitraka, Nikum-blua, Tali * Nala, Rupiká and Apámárga-seeds and with cow's urine should be used for healing purposes. 14.