Bhallátakádya Taila

The use of the oil cooked with the paste (Kalka) of Bhallátaka, Arka, Maricha Saindhava salt, Vidanga, Haridrá, Dáru-Haridrá and Chitraka and with the expressed juice of the Bhringa-rdja readily cures cases of sinus, Apachi and ulcer due to Váyu and Kapha. 23.

Treatment Of Stana-Roga

In cases of a derangement of the milk (of the breast) a draught of clarified butter should be quickly given to the Dhátri (mother or wet-nurse) by the physician; and in the evening a draught composed of the decoction of Nimba, mixed with honey and Mágadhiká, should be given to her for emetic purposes. Next day she should take a meal (of boiled rice) with the soup (Yusha) of Mudga pulse. The use of emetics should be continued for three, four, or six days; or she should be made to drink a potion of clarified butter (cooked) with Triphalá. A decoction of Bhárgi, Ativishá, Vachá, Sura-dáru, Páthá, the drugs of the Mustádi Gana, Murvá and Katu-rohini, or that of the drugs of the Aragvadhádi group mixed with honey, should be given to the Dhátri (wet-nurse) for the purification of her breast-milk. 26.

* According to some different reading "burnt ashes" (instead of powders) of the drugs should be taken. In our bumble opinion the reading in the text seems to be the correct one.

The above are the general remedial measures which are to be adopted in the affections of breast-milk. Any other defect in the breast-milk should be corrected specially with an eye to the nature of the Dosha involved in the case. In cases of inflammatory swellings of the breasts, the physician should remedy them by means of any one of the various measures laid down under the heal of Vidradhi with a due consideration to the requirements of each particular case. Medicinal remedies should only be internally employed and no poultices should be applied for the speedy suppuration of the swelling of the breast, even if found to have already commenced to suppurate; since the breasts are of an extremely soft and fleshy growth, any tight bandaging about those parts may be followed by local sloughing or even bursting. In a case where suppuration had already taken place, an operation should be made in the affected part, avoiding the milk-carrying veins as well as the nipple with its black surroundings. In all the cases of Stana-Vidradhi - whether non-suppurated, suppurating, or suppurated - the milk should be pressed out from the breast of the Dhátri * 27-29.

Thus ends the Seventeenth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which deals with the treatment of erysipelas, sinus and the diseases of the mammary glands.

* The milk should be pressed out of the Dhátri's breasts in the lion-Suppurated stage, to alleviate the burning sensation therein, in the suppurating stage for the avoidance of further suppuration, and in the suppurated stage for the prevention of sores, sinus, etc.