Diet And Regimen Of Conduct

The mother should always be neat and clean and subjected to a course of a small quantity of wholesome and emollient diet and to daily anointments and fomentations; and she should be advised to renounce all anger. Milk cooked with the Váyu-subduing drugs should be used for the first ten days. Meat-soup should then be prescribed for another such period, after which a diet should be prescribed according to the patient's health and nature. This regimen should be observed for a period of four months, after which, the patient would be found to have regained her health, strength and glow of complexion, without any complications, when the medical treatment, etc , should be discontinued. 12-14.

The following Valá-Taila should be used for applying into the Yoni (Vagina, etc.), for anointing the body and for drinking and eating purposes (i.e., along with other food) as well as for Vasti-Karma, as the oil is highly efficacious in curbing the action of the deranged and aggravated bodily Váyu. 15 - A.

The Valá Taila

* An adequate quantity of sesamum oil should be cooked with eight times as much of the decoction of each of the following; viz., Valá roots, Das'a-mula and the three combined drugs of Yava, Kola and Kulattha and with eight times as much of milk and (one-fourth as much of) a paste (Kalka) compound of the drugs included in the Madhura group as well as with Saindhava-salt, Agum, Sarja-rasa, Sarala-Káshtha, Deva-dáru, Manjishthá, Chandana, Kitshtha,

* Four seers of sesamun oil, thirty-two seers of the decoction of the Valá-roots, thirty-two seers of the decoction of Das'a-mula, thirty-two seers of the decoction of the drugs Yava, Kola and Kulattha taken together, thirty-two seers of milk and one seer of the paste compound (Kalka) should be taken in the preparation of the oil.

Elá, Kálánusárivá, Mánsi, S'aileya, Teja-patra, Tagara, S'árivá, Vachiá, S'atávari, As'va-gandhá, S'áta-pushpá and Punarnavá. After the completion of its cooking the oil should be kept carefully in a golden, silver, or earthen pitcher with its mouth well-stoppered. This oil is known as the Valá-Taila and proves curative in all diseases due to the action of the deranged Váyu. A newly delivered woman should use this oil in adequate doses, according to her physical condition. Women wishing to be mothers and men seeking the blessings of fatherhood should use this Taila, which proves equally beneficial in cases of an emaciation of the body due to the action of the deranged Váyu, weariness of the body through hard labour, and also in cases of hurt or injury to any vital and vulnerable part of the body (Marma), in cases of fractured bones, convulsions, Váta-Vyádhi, hiccough, cough, Adhimantha, Gulma and dyspnoea. A case of hernia would likewise yield to the continuous use of this oil for six months. The essential and vital principles (Dhâtus) of the organism of a man are strengthened through its use and his youth will suffer no decay. It should be used alike by kings, kinglike and wealthy persons, as well as by those of a delicate and ease-loving temperament. 15 - B.