Treatment Of Praklinna-Vartma

The deranged Doshas of the system should be duly * removed (corrected) and the patient should be duly soothed in a case of Praklinna-vartma, after which washes, eye-salves, eye-drops (As'chyotana), snuffs (Nasya) and fumigation (Dhuma) should be resorted to according to the Dosha involved in each case. A compound composed of Musta, Haridra, Yashti-madhu, Priyangu, Siddhartha, Rodhra, Utpala-sariva † pasted together ‡ should be employed in the manner of an As'chyotana measure. As an alternative, the compound consisting of Rasanjana and honey should be used as an Anjana. 31-32.

The decoction of the leaves and fruits of Amalaka should be duly prepared (in the manner of Rasa-kriya) and used as an Anjana. Rasa-kriya preparations prepared with (the expressed juice of) the roots of bamboo, or Vartis prepared with the same by (condensing it by) cooking it (again) in a copper vessel, should be used for the above purpose. Rasa-kriya preparations prepared with Triphala, flowers of Palasa, or Khara-manjari, should be similarly applied to the affected organ. Eye-salves made of powdered Kams'ya-mala and cotton fibres (Tantu) burnt together and pasted with the milk of a she-goat and mixed with (white) Maricha and powdered copper should be used as a Pratyanjana to the eye (already weakened by the use of Anjana.) 33 -34.

* Dallana says that the deranged Doshas of the system should be cleansed with the application of Sneha, Venesection, purgative, errhines and A'sthapana.

† In place ofTreatment Of Praklinna Vartma 3008 some readmeaning in this case 'Syama-lata' by the term 'Asita-sariva'. Others again mean 'Rasanjana' by the term 'Asita'. - Dallana.

‡ Dallana recommends 'rain water' as the liquid for the preparation.

An eye-salve or an Anjana made of Samudra-phena, Saindkava, conch-shell, Mudga and white Maricha mixed together (in the shape of a powder) should be prescribed in a case of Aklinna-vartma as it would promptly alleviate the local itching. The foregoing measures and remedies should be likewise employed in a case of Praklinna-vartma according to the nature of the deranged Doshas involved therein. An Anjana prepared with the admixture of Kajjala and Tuthhaka (Sulphate of copper) rubbed in clarified butter on the surface of a copper vessel, would be similarly used (in such cases). 35-36.

Thus ends the twelfth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which treats of the curative treatment of Raktabhishyanda.