Treatment Of Ajaka

The thin watery-matter accumulated in the eye in a case of Ajaka' should be drained by making a puncture on either side ( of the cornea ) with a needle after which the incidental ulcer should be filled with powdered beef mixed with clarified butter. Scarification should be many times made in the event of the ulcer becoming raised. 23.

Treatment Of Akshi-Paka

Applications of Sneha and of Sveda (fomentation) to the affected locality should be made in cases of the two kinds of eye-disease known as Sa-s'opha and A-s'opha Akshi-paka (inflammation of the eye-lid whether attended with any local swelling or otherwise). Venesection should then be resorted to. Eye-washes, eye-drops (As'chyotana), errhi-nes (Nasya) and Puta-paka measures should also be employed. 24.

After having cleansed the system of the patient both internally and externally the following compounds should be used as an Anjana (in cases of the two kinds of Akshi-pa'ka). Saindhava and clarified butter pasted together in a copper vessel with flesh or Maireya or curd or with curd-cream should be used as an Anjana.

* The spathe (Jata) of the palm tree and the shell of the cocoanut fruit should be taken in preparing the compound - S'ivadasa.

† The prepared powder of elephant's bone should be mixed with honey and rubbed over the affected part (S'ukra) with the tip of the finger or with a S'alaka (rod). The eye should then be washed with the infusion of Triphala. - Dallana.

As an alternative, the rust of bell-metal pasted with clarified butter, or Saindhava pasted with breast-milk, or equal parts of the pith of Madhuka tree and Gairika pasted with honey, or Saindhava and copper pasted with breast-milk and clarified butter should be used as Anjanas. The compounds of Dadimba, Araveta, As'-manta, Kola, and Saindhava pasted with any acid juice * should be applied to the affected organ in the manner of a Rasa-kriya measure for the cure of (the two kinds of) Akshi-paka. 25-26.

Animal flesh and Saindhava salt soaked in clarified butter and mixed with S'unthi and breast-milk should be applied to the affected organ in the manner of an Aschyotana or as an Anjana. A compound consisting of Jati flower, Saindhava, S'unthi, Pippali and huskless Vidanga pasted together with honey, may as well be used as an Anjana with advantage in a case of Akshi.-paka. 27-28.

Treatment Of Puyalasa

Blood-letting (after the application of Sneha and Sveda) and poulticing (Upanaha) of the affected locality arc efficacious in the affection of the eye, known as Puyalasa. The measures and remedies which prove curative in cases of Akshi-paka should as well be employed with discretion in this case by a physician. An Anjana (eye-salve) composed of Ardraka, Saindhava and Kas'isa (Sulphate of iron), or Kas'isa Saindhava, Ardraka, iron and copper dust pasted together with honey, should be applied to the affected eye in the manner of an Anjana (in a case of Puyalasa). 29 30.

* Some add honey in the list.