The Avapida-Nasya, like the Siro-Virechana Nasya, should be administered to a person bitten by a snake, or lying in a comatose or unconscious state or suffering from a disease of the head due to its being oppressed with an accumulation of fat and mucus (Abhisyanda). An Avpida-Nasya should be administered to a patient by pasting any of the (fresh) Siro-Virechana drugs and putting a few drops therefrom into the nostrils of the patient. In cases of a distraction of the mind or of a disease of a parasitic origin or of patients suffering from the effects of poisoning the fine powder 'of the Siro-Virechana drugs) should (by means of a pipe) be blown into the nostrils of the patient. Sugar, the expressed juice of the sugar-cane, milk, clarified butter or an extract of meat should be (similarly) administered in the case of a weak patient or of one suffering from an attack of Rakta-Pitta. 30.

Metrical Texts

A Sneha (oil or clarified butter) cooked with the pasted drugs (of the Siro-Virechana group; would be as beneficial as the powder (Kalka) of those drugs for the purpose of an errhine in respect of a weak, emaciated, timid, delicate or female patient. 31.

Forbidden Cases

A fasting person, or one who has just taken his meal, or one suffering from an acute catarrh or coryza of a virulent type, an enciente woman, a man found to be still under the influence of an intoxicating liquor or who has taken a Sneha (oleaginous substance), water or any other liquid, or one suffering from indigestion or who has been treated with an enema (Vasti), one in an angry and excited state of mind or afflicted with thirst or who is suffering from the effects of any slow chemical poison (Gara) or fatigued or overwhelmed with grief as well as an infant, an old man, one who has voluntarily repressed any natural urging of the body or one about to take a full bath (Sirah-Snana) should be regarded unfit for treatment with (any kind of medicinal) snuffs (Nasya). Snuffing and smoke inhalation should not be resorted to in the event of the sky being (unseasonably) overcast with clouds at a time when such phenomena do not usually or ordinarily happen. 32-A.

A deficient or an excessive application of snuffs (at one time), or its extreme heat or coldness, a sudden or de layed application of the same (into the nostrils), drooping posture of the head or its movements during the application, the fact of its being used while the patient would be taking his meals, or its application in any forbidden case may produce such distressing symptoms as thirst eructations, etc., due to the action of the aggravated or decreased Doshas of the body. 32.

Metrical Texts

The evils which are usually found to attend an abuse of medicinal snuffs (Nasya) or errhines (S'iro-vireka) may be grouped into two classes - those incidental to the aggravation (Utklesa) of the Doshas or to the loss or waste (Kshaya) of the same. The distempers due to an aggravation of the Doshas should he remedied with soothing (S'amana)and corrective (S'odhana) measures and remedies, while those resulting from the loss or waste of the Doshas should be remedied with such drugs and remedies as would make up the decreased Doshas (of the system). 33.