Pratimarsha Nasya When To Be Used

The Pratimarsha form of snuff should be resorted to on any of the following fourteen different occasions, viz,: - after quitting the bed in the morning, after cleansing the teeth, on the occasion of going out of the house, after having been fatigued with physical exercise, after sexual intercourse and a journey, after defecation and urination, after the use of gargles (Kavala) and collyrium (Anjana), in an empty stomach, after vomiting, just after a day-sleep and in the evening. 34.

Their Effects

A Pratimarsha snuff used by a person just after rising from his bed tends to remove the waxy mucus (Mala) accumulated in the nostrils during the night and brings on a cheerful state of the mind, when used after having cleansed the teeth, it imparts a sweet aroma to the mouth and makes the teeth steady and firm (in their sockets). When used by a man on the occasion of his going out of the house, it acts as a safeguard against the troubles of smoke and dust (assailing him on the road) owing to the consequent moist mucous secretion in the nostrils. When used after the exertion of physical exercise, coition or a journey, it serves to remove the sense of consequent fatigue, and when used after micturition or defecation it tends to remove the dulness or heaviness of vision. When applied after gargling or after an application of collyrium (along the eyelids) it serves to invigorate the eye-sight. When applied on an empty stomach, it cleanses the internal channels of the body and imparts a lightness to it. Taken after an act of emesis it tends to cleanse the mucous (S'leshmá) deposit on the beds of the internal ducts of the body and thus brings on a fresh appetite for food. When taken after a day-sleep it tends to remove the sense of drowsiness and physical heaviness and purges the filthy accumulations (in the nose, etc.) thus bringing about a concentrated state of the mind. When taken in the evening it brings on a good sleep and an easy awakening. 35.

Metrical Texts

The quantity of Sneha which, being lightly snuffed in, reaches down into the cavity of the mouth, should be deemed adequate for a dose of the Pratimarsha (kind of snuff *). The benefit of using a snuff may be perceived in a variety of ways, as it tends to cure the diseases peculiar to the super-clavicular regions of the body, removes the cloudening

* One drop or two, or the quantity necessary to bring about a disruption of the Doshas, is the dose of a Pratimarsha Nasya according to Vriddha-Vágabhata.

The four forms of Nasya-Karma (medicinal) snuffs, should be prescribed for patients above seven years of age. Pratimarsha is recommended in Gulma. - Krishnatreya, or dulness of the sense-organs, imparts a sweet aroma to the mouth, and strength to the teeth, jaw bones, head, neck, Trika, arms and the chest, and guards against an attack of baldness, Vyanga, premature grey-ness of the hair and the premature appearance of wrinkles or furrows. 36-37.