C. Fis'tula, Purging Cassia, N.F. -- The dried fruit with not more than 2 p.c. of foreign organic matter; E. India, Egypt, nat. in S. America, W. Indies. Handsome tree, 9-15 M. (30-50 degrees) high; bark gray; leaves paripinnate, leaflets 3-7 paira, 5-15 Cm. (2-6') long, ovate; flowers yellow. Fruit cylindrical, 25-50 Cm. (10-20') long, 20 Mm. ( 4/5') thick, chestnut-brown, on one side a longitudinal groove (ventral), on the other a slight ridge (dorsal), indicating the 2 sutures, indehiscent, 25-100 transverse compartments, each with a brown seed, 8 Mm. (1/3') long, embedded in blackish-brown pulp (30 p.c.) having prune-like odor, mawkish sweet taste; contains (pulp) sugar 60 p.c., mucilage, pectin, albuminoids, tannin, volatile oil, butyric acid, calcium oxalate. Laxative; costiveness, to promote bile flow; usually combined with other drugs (manna, tamarind, salines, etc.). Dose, 3j-2 (4-8 Gm.); 1. Confectio Sennae, 16 p.c.

Cassia Fistula: Part of pod, natural size.