Commiphora Mu'kul, Indian Bdellium,and C. Aftrica'na, African Bdellium. -- Both occur in tears resembling myrrh, yellowish-brown, dusty, translucent, the former only slightly aromatic, not bitter, the latter with aroma distinct from myrrh, quite bitter; with nitric acid -- no purplish-red; both contain volatile oil, resin, gum -- the latter a bitter principle; a third variety is non-translucent; yielding a tincture blackened by ferric salts. C. (Balsemoden'dron) Opobal'samum, Mecca Balsam (Gum). -- Bal'samum Gileaden'se, Balm of Gilead. Possibly the myrrh of the Bible; opaque, yellowish, fragrant, viscid liquid; contains volatile oil 10-30 p.c.; soft resin 70 p.c., hard resin 12 p.c.