Convol'vulus Scammo'nia, Scam'mony, U.S.P. (resin) 1820-1900; (root) 1910; W. Asia, Syria, Greece. Perennial twining herb, 6-9 M. (20-30 degrees) long; leaves sagittate, bright green; flowers yellow, funnel-shaped; fruit capsule, 4-seeded. Root, vertical, cylindrical, 10-25 Cm. (4-10') long, 1-4.5 Cm. (2/5-1 4/5') thick, grayish-brown, twisted, furrowed, root-scars, hard, heavy; fracture tough with projecting wood-fibers; internally mottled, yellowish porous wood-wedges, separated by whitish parenchyma containing starch and resin; odor slight, jalap-like; taste slightly sweet; acrid. Powder, grayish-brown -- starch grains, calcium oxalate prisms, resin cells, tracheae, wood-fibers, stone and cork cells; solvents: alcohol, ether; contains resin 3-10 p.c., gum, tannin 3 p.c., sugar 15 p.c., starch, extractive. Hydragogue, cholagogue cathartic -- acts locally on upper intestine like jalap, but being a greater irritant causes more griping -- sometimes fatal purgation; should be combined with aromatics, potassium sulphate and other cathartics; dropsies, cerebral affections, torpid intestines with slimy mucus. Dose, gr. 5-20 (.3-1.3 Gm.); Resin, gr. 3-8 (.2-.5 Gm.).