Ferula Sum'bul, Sumbul, Musk-root, N.F. -- The dried rhizome and roots of this, or other closely related species possessing a characteristic musk-like odor, with not more than 2 p.c. of foreign organic matter; C. And N.W. Asia, Turkestan, Russia -- mountains. Perennial herb, drying after flowering, 2-3 M. (6-10 degrees) high, 4 Cm. (1 3/5') thick at base, solid, purplish, exuding milk juice when injured; leaves radical and cauline, tripinnate; leaflets ovate, dentate, bright green; flowers polygamous; fruit 12 Mm. (1/2') long, 6 Mm. (1/4') broad, mericarps with 3 dorsal ridges, no dorsal vittae. Rhizome, fusiform, vertical, in transverse segments, 2.5-10 Cm. (1-4') long, 2.5-7 Cm. (1-2 4/5') thick, extremely light in weight, light brown, wrinkled, heavily annulate; fracture short, fibrous, spongy, yellowish, brownish resinous patches; odor peculiar, musk-like; taste bitter, aromatic. Powder, grayish-brown -- tracheae, few epidermal cells, sieve tissue, occasional parenchyma fragments, few starch grains; solvent: alcohol (67-80 p.c.); contains volatile oil (bluish, peppermint taste) .33-1 p.c., resin (soft, musk odor) 9 p.c., fixed oil 17 p.c., angelic (sumbulic) acid, valeric acid, bitter extractive, sugar, starch, ash 5-6 p.c. Stimulant, carminative, tonic, nervine (resembles musk and valerian), antispasmodic; hysteria, female nervousness, epilepsy, chlorosis, amenorrhea, hypochondriasis, often combined with asafetida in nervous troubles, with iron and arsenic in chlorosis. Dose, gr. 10-30 (.6-2 Gm.); 1. Extractum Sumbul (80 p.c. alcohol -- yield 15 p.c.), dose, gr. 2-5 (.13-.3 Gm.); 2. Tinctura Sumbul, 10 p.c. (67 p.c. alcohol), dose, 3ss-2 (2-8 cc.). Fluidextract. Resin.