Lophoph'ora (Anhalo'nium) William'sii (Lewinii), Mescal(e) Buttons; Mexico. -- This small succulent cactus yields the mescal buttons (upper layer of turnip-shaped stem, consisting of ovoid tubercles, dried) which are used by the Rio Grande Indians to produce intoxication -- similar to cannabis, during religious ceremonies; contain anhalonine (similar to pellotine), mescaline, anhalonidine, lopophorine. Heart and respiratory stimulant, tonic, adjuvant to digitalis, narcotic; slightly slows pulse, produces mental and physical weariness, sleep without untoward symptoms; excessive quantities produce spasms resembling strychnine poisoning; pneumothorax, tuberculosis, angina pectoris, asthmatic dyspnea, hysteria. Dose, (pellotine), gr. 1/2-2 (.03-.13 Gm.); Fluidextract, mv-10 (.3-.6 cc.).