Melilo'tus officina'lis, Melilotus, (Yellow) Melilot, Yellow Sweet Clover, N.F. -- The dried leaf and flowering top with not more than 3 p.c. of stems over 3 Mm. (1/8') thick or other foreign organic matter; Europe, United States. Plant 1-1.5 M. (3-5 degrees) high; stems mostly less than 30 Cm. (12') high, slender, leafy below, terminating in yellow racemes, pubescent; leaves trifoliate, leaflets 1-3 Cm. (2/5-1 1/5') long, oval, serrate; corolla papilionaceous; legumes 2.5-3.5 Mm. (1/10-1/7') long, obovate, 1-seeded;odor aromatic, tonka-like; taste sweetish, slightly pungent, bitter. Powder, light green -- non-glandular hairs, epidermal cells of leaf tissue, stomata, chlorenchyma, fibro-vascular tissue, crystal-fibers with calcium oxalate prisms, tracheae, pollen grains, occasional glandular hairs; solvent: diluted alcohol; contains coumarin, melilotic acid, coumaric acid, melilotol (fragrant volatile oil), ash 10 p.c. Locally -- to allay pain in abdomen, joints, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, rheumatism; 1. Species Emollientes, 20 p.c. Decoction, Infusion, Ointment, Plasters.