Potentil'la Tormentil'la, Tormentil. -- The rhizome, U.S.P. 1820-1870; Europe. Plant resembles P. canaden'sis, Cinquefoil, perennial, 25-30 Cm. (10-12') high, green or reddish leaves, trifoliate; leaflets cuneate; flowers yellow; fruit achenes, reniform. Rhizome 5 Cm. (2')long, 12 Mm. (1/2') thick, tuberculate, brownish-red; bark thin, wood-wedges small, distant; pith large, inodorous, astringent; contains tannin 25 p.c., red coloring matter (tormentil-red), kinovic acid, ellagic acid. Astringent, tonic like kino and catechu; diarrhea, dysentery, spongy gums (gargle), ulcers, gleet; decoction, infusion. Dose, gr. 10-30 (.6-2 Gm.).