Rhus aromat'ica, Fragrant (Sweet-scented) Sumac(h), 1.5-2.5 M. (5-8 degrees) high; given in extract, fluidextract (alcoholic), tincture, and for hematuria, leucorrhea, but mainly for incontinence of urine (enuresis). Dose, gr. 10-30 (.6-2 Gm.). R. Copalli'na, Black, Dwarf, Mountain Sumac(h), 1-2.5 M. (3-8 degrees) high; downy branches; leaflets entire; excels all in yield of tannin. R. hir'ta (typhi'na), Staghorn Sumac(h), 4.5-9 M. (15-30 degrees) high; hairy; leaflets serrate. All three indigenous to N. America. R. Coria'ria, European Sumac)h), Mediterranean Basin; leaflets elliptic, woolly, serrate. R. semiala'ta and R. japon'ica, China, Japan; these furnish galls which are used in Germany largely for obtaining tannic and gallic acid (see pages 157, 160). The fruits of all these are red, hairy, and acidulous, while the leaves are astringent.