Simaru'ba ama'ra (S. officina'lis, S. medicina'lis, Quassia Simaruba). -- The bark (of root), U.S.P.1820-1870; Guiana to N. Brazil, W. Indies. Tree 15-18 M. (50-60 degrees) high, crooked branches; leaves 22.5-30 Cm. (9-12') long, leaflets 3-5 pairs, 5-10 Cm. (2-4') long; flowers yellow; fruit drupe; bark flat, curved, or quilled, .5-1 M. (20-40') long, 3 Mm. (1/8') thick, yellowish-brown, striate, fibrous, bitter; contains picrasmin, resin, volatile oil, calcium oxalate. Tonic, febrifuge, diuretic (large doses cause vomiting and purging); dysentery, diarrhea (dysentery bark), etc.; in infusion, decoction. Dose, gr. 10-30 (.6-2 Gm.).