Sinapis alba. White (Yellow) Mustard, U.S.P. 1830-1910. -- Plant and habitat similar to official. Seed, 1-2 Mm. (1/25-1/12') thick, subglobular, testa yellowish, minutely pitted, embryo yellowish, oily, with curved hypocotyl, 2 conduplicate cotyledons; inodorous; taste mildly pungent, acrid; powder contains few or no starch grains; contains fixed oil 20-25 p.c., sinalbin, sinapine sulphocyanide, lecithin, albumin 28 p.c., gum and mucilage 19 p.c. (mainly in testa), myrosin, other proteins, ash 4 p.c. Used for flavoring, etc., similar to the official, but milder in action as allyl isothiocyanate is not developed by macerating with water, but a weaker compound--acrinyl isosulphocyanide.