Strychnos Igna'tii, Ignatia, Saint Ignatius Bean, Ignatia Amara, N.F. -- The dried ripe seed, yielding not less than 2 p. c. of alkaloids nor more than 1 p.c. of foreign organic matter; Philippine Islands. Large climbing shrub; leaves ovate, acute, smooth, flowers white, tubular, racemes; fruit resembles a pear, pericarp brittle. Seed, 24 imbedded in bitter pulp, 20-30 Mm. (4/5-1 1/5') long, 15 Mm. (3/5') broad and thick, heavy, hard, horny, angularly ovate, with obtuse angles, several sided, grayish-black, nearly smooth, few hairs; fracture granular and translucent in small fragments, small irregular cavity in center with embryo; nearly inodorous, intensely bitter. Powder, grayish-brown -- cells of epidermis and seed-coat, polygonal cells with granular contents from endosperm, few hairs in spreading clusters, embryo tissue of small thin-walled cells; solvent: alcohol; contains more strychnine, but less total alkaloids than nux vomica -- strychnine .5-1.5 p.c., brucine .5-1.4 p.c., proteins 10 p.c., ash 4 p.c. Properties, uses and poisoning similar to nux vomica. Dose, gr. 1/2-3 (.03-.2 Gm.); 1. Extractum Ignatiae, Powdered Extract of Ignatia, 6 p.c. alkaloids, (75 p.c. alcohol), dose, gr. 1/8-1/2 (.008-.03 Gm.); 2. Tinctura Ignatiae, 10 p.c., 1/5 p.c. alkaloids (88 p.c. alcohol), dose, mv-20 (.3-1.3 cc.). S. Tieu'te. -- Java; seed resemble nux vomica but smaller, whiter; contain strychnine, brucine; extract used natively for arrow poison. S. potato'rum, India; seed subglobular, 12 Mm. (1/2') wide, brownish-gray, not bitter, no strychnine; used natively for clearing muddy water. S. Colu-bri'na, India; yields true Lignum Colubrinum, for which nux vomica branches often are substituted. All parts bitter and contain strychnine and brucine; once used as antidote to snake-bites, hence the name. S. toxif'era (Castelnaea'na), Curara, Curare, Woorara, Urari. -- Brazil, Guiana. Extract of bark (South American arrow poison), blackish, hygroscopic, bitter, friable, 75 p.c. soluble in water; contains curarine, C18H36N (yellowish-brown, bitter alkaloid), resin, fat. Diaphoretic, sedative, irritant; best drug in tetanus. Dose, gr. 1/10-1/3 (.006-.02 Gm.); curarine gr. 1/100 (.0006 Gm.) -- resembles digitalis in action.