Viburnum Op'ulus, var. America'num, High Bush, Cranberry Bark, Cramp Bark, N.F.--The dried bark of the stem with not more than 5 p.c. of adhering wood or other foreign organic matter; United States, low grounds, north and west. Handsome perennial shrub, 1.3-3.5 M. (4-12 degrees) high; stem smooth, branched; leaves 3-lobed, dentate; flowers cymes, large, greenish-white; fruit 12 Mm. (1/2') long, ovoid, red (substitute for cranberries). Bark, in strips, 20-30 Cm. (8-12;) long, 12-18 Mm. (1/2-3/4') broad, .5-3 Mm. (1/50-1/8') thick, quills, chip-like fragments, light gray, brownish stripes and lenticels, fissured or thinly scaly, inner surface yellowish-brown, short oblique striae; fracture in 2 layers, short weak, whitish to brownish; odor slight, characteristic; taste mildly astringent, bitter. Powder, light grayish-brown--cork cells, calcium oxalate rosettes, starch grains, parenchyma with amorphous substance, occasional tracheal fragments with wood-fibers, bast-fibers and stone cells; solvent: 67 p.c. alcohol; contains viburnin, valeric acid, resin 8 p.c., tannin, salts, ash 8-9 p.c. Diuretic, tonic, antispasmodic, nervine, astringent, weaker than V. prunifolium; nervous conditions of pregnancy, abortive preventive, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, ovarian irritation, asthma, hysteria. Dose, 3ss-2 (2-8 Gm.); 1. ,Fluidextractum Viburni Opuli dose, 3ss-2 (2-8 cc.): Preps.: 1. Elixir Viburni Opuli Compositum, 7.5 p.c., + fldext. of trillium 15, fldext. of aletris 7.5, dose, 3j-2 (4-8 cc.); 2. Elixir Aletridis Compositum, 3.275 p.c.; 3. Elixir Heloniadis Compositum, 3.2 p.c. 2. Tinctura Viburni Opuli Composita, 3.5 p.c., + dioscorea 3.5, scutellaria 1, clove 5, cinnamon 6.5; menstruum: glycerin 7.5 cc., alcohol 75, water 17.5, finishing with 75 p.c. alcohol q.s. 100, dose, 3j-2 (4-8 cc.) -- substitute for Hayden's Viburnum Compound. Decoction, Infusion, each, 5 p.c., 3j-2 (30-60 cc.). V. obova'tum, Small Viburnum, Black Haw; S. United States; shrub 2.4 M. (8 degrees) high, fruit black, leaves broadly obovate, leathery, bitter, also used as antiperiodic.