Aconitina (U. S. P.). Aconitine, an alkaloid obtained from aconite (crystalline). Antineuralgic, diuretic, sudorific, and anodyne. Dose, 1-400 gr. several times a day, with caution. Externally, I to 2000 to I to 500 parts of lard. Never use upon abraded surfaces, as too toxic.

Alkaloidal granules of aconitine are not made of this potent U. S. P. preparation, but of the soluble amorphous aconitine, which is 1-15 as powerful, but, in less degree, is possessed of the same characteristics. Since aconite contains aconitine, pseudo-aconitine, aconine, pseudo-aconine, picraconitine, and aconitic acid, it is readily seen that no alkaloid really represents the full therapeutic range of aconite.