Apis Mellifica, The Honey Bee. A tincture of the virus is employed. Internally administered it is a powerful diuretic, too irritating to be employed in large doses, and producing vertigo, photophobia, emesis, strangury, and disturbances of circulation and respiration if given in toxic amounts. Lloyd's tincture of apis, 2 I, four or five times a day, is much esteemed in hematuria. Small doses (1/4 to I I) are prescribed in suddenly appearing dropsy, edematous conditions of the throat, in serous effusions, in retention and suppression of urine, and in urinary incontinence. In the minute doses employed by the homoeopaths the response is too slow, although their lower attenuations will relieve an irritable bladder and finally increase the flow of urine. This agent must be used with care, and must not be brought into contact with excoriated surfaces.