Calcium Salts. Acetate has been successfully employed in continued small doses in inflammations of mucous membranes characterized by a membranous exudation. A convenient way to administer is in the IX tablet triturate. Carbonate, an antacid sometimes given to rickety children for long periods of time. Also in cases of impaired nutrition. Give in small doses. Lime-water is of the same therapeutic value. The precipitated calcium carbonate is a valuable antacid for children, indicated when the anus is red and sore. Fluoride, used by the homeopaths in indurations and threatened suppuration and varicose veins. They use the 3X usually. Hypophosphite, a reconstructive of great value, contraindicated in fever, but given in 10 to 20 gr. doses in phthisis, rachitis, and defective nutrition. Iodide, used in scrofulous affections and in adenoids. "Iodized lime" is used in croup. There is some difference of opinion as to dosage. My experience is to begin with small doses and increase rapidly if well tolerated. Lactophosphate, stimulant and nutrient in doses of 3 to 10 grs. or I to 2 fK of syrup. Sulphide, useful in nodular, glandular. and suppurative skin troubles, in boils, ulcerative, syphilitic, and tubercular lesions, fetid bronchitis, and in other states demanding sulphur. Dose, 1-20 to 1/4 gr. triturated with sugar. The homeopaths call it Hepar Sulphuris, and give the IX to promote suppuration and the 3x to 6x to prevent it.