Caulophyllum, or Blue Cohosh, is another of the indiscriminately used "female regulators." Its real field of utility is to allay uterine irritability during the period of gestation, thus preventing premature labor. It is a favorite remedy with the eclectics, and is overemployed by them. They use a solution of its active principle called "Leontin." It promotes normal menstruation in young women very efficiently. The ec. tr. is given in doses of from I to 10 I, and is really a high-grade fluidextract of this drug. The mother tincture is unnecessarily weak. A good fluidextract is made by several firms, but it is well to designate the make, since a poor preparation of blue cohosh is nearly inert. If used in too large doses it is apt to cause uterine contraction. Caulophyllin in doses of 1/4 to I gr. is commended by many physicians.