Iodine (U. S. P. "Iodum"). See the text-books for a detailed consideration of this drug. The crystals are occasionally given in 1-10 gr. doses incorporated with some inert substance, as a triturate. The maximum dose is I gr. The tincture may be given internally in I to 5 drop doses, well diluted. Iodized sesame oil is given in doses of I to 3 fK in emulsion. It liberates its iodine slowly when ingested. The decolorized tincture, used internally, is absorbed without precipitation. The brown iodide of lime, originated by Nichols, is a loose combination of iodine and calcium oxide, and sets nascent iodine free when taken into the stomach. Give in doses of 1/4 to I gr. Spongia or burnt sponge (q. v.) is another available way for giving iodine.

There has been a good deal of dissatisfaction with the iodides when prompt results are desired, and iodine is coming more into use as an internal remedy. Either iodized lime or spongia may be used with assurance in non-diphtheritic croup or glandular troubles. The other preparations are available, but are more irritating.