Ipecacuanha, Ipecac. In large doses (10 to 20 gr.; f.e. or ec. tr., 10 to 20 I in hot water; or syrup, 3 or 4 teaspoonfuls) ipecac is a most valuable and safe emetic acting without prostration. It is the best emetic for children or to relieve sick headache due to undigested foods in adults. In cases of poisoning, ipecac is not sufficiently prompt unless combined with other emetics. It is well to remember that continued large doses of ipecac will produce a most obstinate diarrhea.

In moderate doses it is expectorant, and is indicated in coughs with deficient secretion. One 111. doses of the fluidextract at greater or less intervals, in accordance with degree of relaxation desired, is the average for an adult. In the sudden bronchitis of childhood. 5 to 10 I. doses of the syrup every hour until nausea is induced gives excellent results. In the later stages of pneumonia in adults the powdered ipecac is used in 0 gr. doses three or four times a day. Small doses of Dover's powder and quinine, combined in a capsule, may be given, and seems to promote the process of resolution.

Some authorities recommend moderate doses of ipecac in hemorrhage. It is a vascular sedative, relieving blood pressure, and hence its discreet use in this connection is to be commended.

In small doses (f.e. or ec. tr., 1-10 to 34 I.) ipecac is indicated in irritation of the mucous membranes, especially of the gastro-intestinal tract when there is deficient or defective secretion. Nausea and vomiting, where the mucous membranes are relaxed and a white coating upon the tongue, very promptly yield to small doses of ipecac. The small dose in combination with aconite is of peculiar value in many of the diarrheas of infancy. In dysentery or in cholera infantum the same combination is effective in alternation with an antiseptic or following a cholagogue. Soon as the acute stage is over, discontinue the ipecac and aconite. If there is dysenteric tenesmus use gelsemium in the place of aconite. In the pneumonia of childhood small doses act well in combination with the other remedies indicated. Ipecac, bryonia, and aromatic spirits of ammonia make a serviceable mixture for these cases.