Moschus, Musk. Employed usually in the form of a tincture, in doses of I f3, costing about 35 cents per dose for a good article. It is a stimulant antispasmodic of doubtful utility. A 3x trituration smells strong enough and costs 25 cents per ounce, or 2X, 80 cents. Since the homeopaths think more highly of the remedy than we do, it is probable that they get better results with their small doses of this relic of antiquity than we get from our large doses. It is strange that asafetida, another odoriferous drug, should have a similar action as an antispasmodic. In justice, however, it must be said that one or two large doses of musk are sometimes of value in profound prostration. The 2X is valued in spasmodic cough and difficult respiration, but other remedies are so much more sure that musk need rarely be employed.