This alphabetically arranged materia medica being not designed as a guide for class-room work, chemic and botanic descriptions may very properly be omitted except with unfamiliar drugs. TOXICOLOGY not especially concerning our present range of study, it will also be omitted except in a few salient details.

Physiologic Actions

Physiologic Actions will be given in as simple and direct a manner as possible and divided into two headings, viz.: the physiologic action of the larger but non-toxic dose, and the physiologic action of the small dose. Our principal guides in defining the physiologic actions have been the writings of Bartholow, Wood, and Hare upon our official drugs; of Ellingwood upon drugs especially developed by the eclectics; of G. Hardy Clark (an advocate of the modem homceopathy as opposed to Hahnemannism in therapeutics) upon remedies of homeopathic origin; of Coblentz and "Merck's 1905 Manual" upon synthetics, alkaloids, and rare chemicals; while various drug studies and journal articles supply data upon drugs of recent introduction. DEFINITE SYMTOMATOLOGY and direct actions rather than purely laboratory data are given, and the actions upon man, excluding those based upon experimental studies upon the lower animals, are alone referred to here.


Doses have been arrived at by careful comparisons of dose recommended by medical and not by pharmaceutic authors. The dose of the crude drug is omitted in most instances, and all doses given are those for adults except here specific reference is made to infantile diseases.

The eighth decennial revision (1905) of the United Stattes Pharmacopoeia is the basis of official preparations of the Homceopathic Pharmacopceia of the United States homeopathic preparations, while the American Dispensatory officially represents eclectic pharmaceuticals. They are our guides in the preparation of much of the data in this volume.


Note.-The following abbreviations are used: Tr. signifies the 1905 U. S. P. tincture; f.e. the fluidextract; the mother tincture ; IX, 2X or 3x the attenuation represented by I-la, I-IDa and I-IOOO respectively of drug strength; ec. tr. means the standard eclectic tinctures, placed on the market under various names, as "specific medicines," "normal tinctures," etc. No metric abbreviations are used. ESPECIAL ATTENTION is called to the fact ,t doses of fluids are given in minims, not in drops. This makes some doses appear small upon first thought, but it conforms to the wise basis of the U. S. P. Drops are too uncertain a standard of dosage, and with many tinctures the drop is much less than the minim.

Note To The Reader

Note To The Reader.-It is absolutely necessary to the preceding portion of this work in order to prop understand what is said under the following different drug headings: