Plasters, Emplastrum Adhaersivum, is 2% rubber, 2% petrolatum, and 96'10 lead plaster. Aromaticum, N. F., is a good, ready-made spice plaster. Belladonae is 3°% ext. bellad. fo1. and 70% adhesive plaster. Bryonia and Rhus Tax. is a homeopathic formula used to relieve pain of rheumatism, lumbago, and sciatica. Capsici contains 4 gr. oleoresin capsicum in 36 square inch plaster. Hydrargyri is 30% mercury with lanoline and lead plaster. Opii is 6% extract opium. Plumbi or Diachylon plaster is now made of lead acetate and soap. Saponis is 10% soap and 90% lead plaster.