Solanum Carolinensis, Horse Nettle. This is a narcotic antispasmodic exploited as a remedy in the treatment of epilepsy and other convulsive diseases. The reports available are too vague to justify classing the drug as a sufficiently promising agent to warrant its trial in these conditions. It is a feeble agent. Probably the recent reports of its value in whooping cough may be warranted. (Ec. tr., 10 to 30 I.) Solanum lycopersicum, the garden tomato plant (leaves), is used by some homeopaths in rheumatism and influenza. (@, or first dilution, in small doses.) It is very much open to question whether their use of it is really justified. Solanum nigrum is the black nightshade, and its action is somewhat akin to belladonna. It is of real value in coryza and meningeal irritation, but there is little reason for expecting anything more from it, in most cases, than is accomplished by belladonna.