Tuberculin (Koch), a glycerine extract of pure cultures of tubercle bacillus. Used in diagnosis. Dose, 1-12 to 1-6 gr. subcutaneously, once, in 0.8% salt solution; or four doses at intervals of three to seven days, giving, respectively, 1-128 gr., 1-32 gr., 1-12 gr., 1-6 gr. The reaction raises temperature 1 1/2 to 2 degrees. The "New Tuberculin" is used as a remedy in lupus and phthisis. Homeopathic writers assert that minute doses are very valuable in the treatment of broncho-pneumonia. Aviaire, tuberculin from birds, is asserted to be useful in influenzal bronchitis, and, homeopathically, a solution of the third centesimal potency is injected, or the 30X given internally. Bacillium is made from tubercular nodules, and is an attenuation of the toxines found therein. It is asserted to be of value in incipient tuberculosis in infrequent doses. The whole subject is in a somewhat nebulous state as yet, but doubtless some one or more of these substances will ultimately prove to be of real value.