Zea, Corn Silk. It is quite refreshing away on at the end of the alphabet in the U. S. P. to read: "The fresh styles and stigmas of zea mays." It is a wonder they did not designate the "dried." Probably, after the next two or three revisions eliminate nearly all our vegetable remedies except the ones containing poisonous alakloids. and, in process of years, the pendulum swings back, the then revisions will be full of fresh or green plant preparations.

Zea is really a valuable drug in inflammatory affections of the bladder, acute or chronic. It contains maizenic acid, which is a soothing antiseptic.

It is especially valuable where intravesical decomposition of urine has given rise to irritation. Zea is a harmless, non-irritating, non-depressing, and yet highly efficient remedy. (F.e., 20 to 60 I..)