A balsam obtained from a tree, Toluifera Pereirae; it contains traces of cinnamic and benzoic acids and their esters and resins.

Action and Uses : Balsam of Peru is not used internally, but is sometimes applied in ointment or in alcoholic solution or mixed with castor oil as a stimulant to indolent wounds and ulcers to promote the formation of granulations and the process of cicatrization. Balsam of Peru is • much used as a parasiticide in diseases of the skin, such as scabies.

In scabies a 4 per cent, petrolatum ointment of Balsam of Peru, with the same amount of sulphur, chalk and green soap may be used. It should be applied freely at night and in the morning over all of the affected areas. The strength of this mixture can be doubled in obstinate cases. Balsam of Peru can be painted over portions of the body at night, followed by a bath in the morning. In rare instances, however, Balsam of Peru produces violent dermatitis.