A basic gallate of bismuth of somewhat varying composition, containing bismuth equivalent to from 52 to 57 per cent, of bismuth oxid.

Properties : Bismuth subgallate occurs as an amorphous, bright yellow powder without odor or taste. It is practically insoluble in water and in alcohol, but is decomposed by hydrochloric, nitric or sulphuric acid if heated. It is also decomposed by alkali hydroxids.

Incompatibilities: Bismuth subgallate is incompatible with acids, alkalies, sulphids and sulphur.

Action and Uses: Bismuth subgallate was introduced under the name of "Dermatol" for treatment of skin disease. Its action and uses are similar to those of Bismuth Subnitrate, which see.

Dosage: 0.25 gm. or 4 grains.